The only 3 branding rules for building a masonry company

Branding Rule #1 - Be bold.

Want to know the secret to keeping your competition up at night? Be bold. Do those things that sounds crazy or weird. Surprise people. Do the unexpected. Go above and beyond. You get the idea.


Branding Rule # 2 - Be memorable.

Being recognizable is one thing but that's not enough. Being truly memorable, is something only the best brands do and isn't as complicated or expensive as you think. It's actually really simple.

Just create a "WOW experience". What's that you ask?

Well that's actually really simple too. We define a "WOW Experience" as a series of never-ending pleasant surprises.

We'll say it again for dramatic effect...

A WOW experience is a series of never-ending pleasant surprises. Do that, become memorable.


Branding Rule #3 - Be different.

This one piggybacks off of the first two rules but it's truly the original principle that the other rules were created from. Differentiating yourself from your competition is a powerful strategy.

Want to know how to be bold? Be different. And how to be memorable? You guessed it, be different.

Be different, albeit, better than competition in anyway that you can.


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