Brick Cloning & Matching Resources

Masonry bricks come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so if you live in an older home with antique bricks you can't find, brick cloning may be your solution.

If you’re a masonry contractor of even just a historic property owner, your city’s Historic Preservation Department can be a great resource for you.

While not all cities may have one, the City of Houston Historic Preservation department is an example of department doing a pretty good job preserving Houston’s historic properties and brick paved roads.

City Preservation Links

  • Preservation Houston Membership – $250 for business, $1000 for corporation 
  • Houston Heights Association – resource for Architects and builders/ contractors
  • Historic Houston – $250 membership 
  • Associated Masonry Contractors of Houston
  • AIA Houston (American Institute of Architects) – Has a lot of events
San Antonio

Historic Preservation – The City of San Antonio




Masonry companies that match and clone

Brick Staining Technology, Inc. – Nationwide brick and masonry staining and matching specialist.

PBS Nationwide, Inc./Brick Stain Company LLC  – Nationwide masonry and brick staining and mortar matching specialist. ‘PBS’ stands for ‘Preferred Brick Staining’ in case you were like me and thinking that PBS started doing masonry…

Brick Stain Company – good resource for property owners with rare, antique or discontinued bricks as well as masonry contractors too.

Exact Match Masonry Staining

All City Masonry Staining – Brick cloning company serves the Chicago area.

Cocreham brick and stone supplier – offers brick staining nationwide.