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Case Study: How we helped a Houston masonry contractor generate over 1,000 organic leads in 2020

Learn how our marketing strategies helped generate over two thousand organic estimate requests in 2020 for a Houston masonry company.
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Marketing company helped masonry company generate thousands of organic Google leads.

Over 4,000 top 100 keywords

The main image is a screenshot showing the number of keywords in the top 100 search results of Google over the life of the domain. You can see that the domain wasn’t even being indexed by Google until 2013, although the domain had been in use for a few years prior., the most reputable SEO company shows over 4,000 top 100 keywords

Other SEO testing tools including, one of the most reputable and respected SEO tools in the space shows that actually currently has 4,083 keywords ranking in Google’s top 100…

FOUR THOUSAND top 100 keywords…

Top 100 keywords breakdown

That’s a lot of keywords for a local small business. Keep in mind that it’s also down from a peak of nearly 5,000 keywords.

Ok, back to the case study.

We built the company’s first ‘new site’ in mid-2015 on the SquareSpace platform due to the owner’s desire to keep costs as low as possible but quickly outgrew it’s limitations. We also found that SquareSpace was not that SEO friendly.

So we started building again and in early 2016 we launched their 2nd brand new website using the nearly-limitless self-hosted version of the WordPress platform.

Below is a picture of their original homepage pulled from Wayback Machine, just for reference. It was just a basic HTML website, which isn’t bad… if it’s 1999 but the year was 2014…

As you can see, there was an Adobe Flash element that was not working because Flash had already become obsolete.

They were also using a ‘dash’ in their domain name until we strongly recommended switching over to the ‘dash less’ domain, ie; brick vs

Again, not a horrible website for the 90’s but it was 2015 and web standards had improved a lot but the real issue was that their site looked like every other masonry company’s website… like they, the mason built it themselves.

While we don’t have any data on their original website’s performance as they didn’t have Google Analytics installed…. you can imagine that they had a very high bounce rate.

How people search for masonry services

It’s important to note how much we learned from just the 6 months of analytics of what real people were searching for, what made them click, what kept them on the site and above all, what made them pull the trigger and convert into a legit, organic lead.

Using the analytics from the Squarespace and good ol’ Google research, we initially created 3 long-form blog posts that gave people exactly what they were looking for.

And I did it using every SEO best-practice in the book.

  • Custom infographics? Check. (I’m no designer, but Canva is free)
  • Over 1,000 words? Check. (Not a writer either)
  • Strategic header tags? Check. (Self-taught SEO)
  • Internal and 3rd party link-building?

We even watched YouTube videos and noted the specific times in the video where they could find the answer to their question. Turns out, that is Google SEO gold.

It’s also worth noting that at that time we could not find one masonry contractor or company nationwide that was doing advanced content marketing. This first-to-market type of advantage on the local and national SEO market was undoubtedly huge.

Even to this day, 99% of the masonry websites you’ll see our homemade DIY and there is nothing wrong with that. That just means that you still have time to differentiate yourself from your competitors and build your business with real marketing strategies.

Paid advertising vs blog posts

That’s the beautiful part of this strategy. It’s that 99% of people and business owners do not believe in this strategy and/or just don’t get it. The reality is that most are just too busy and would much rather just cut a check every month for their leads through the use of paid advertising.

The problem with paid ads though is that once the budget hits, the ads stop along with the leads. Google or Facebook just give that ad spot to the next highest bidder with more budget left.

Adam Lopez, CEO

Wow, 25% of traffic from 2 posts?

In the screenshot below you can see that 4 of the top 5 destination pages to the site are all organic content pages..2 of those 5 are blog posts that bring in a combined 24.93% of their monthly traffic.

That’s nearly a quarter of their entire monthly traffic from two blog posts that took a combined time of about 24 hours for both posts.

25% of traffic from 2 blog posts and look at those keywords…

Conversion optimization = making it easy to convert

The next screenshot is of their advanced estimate form with conditional logic to increase conversions. This form boasts an astounding 20%+ lifetime conversion rate and a 24% rate for 2020, which equates to over 7,000 estimate requests since 2016.

Seven thousand estimates is a lot of estimates… the average conversion rate on the internet is 4%. So this form performed SIX times better than the average rate.

Over two thousand estimate requests in 2020

Just this year in 2020 (it’s December 5th at the time of this writing) , this form has taken over 2,100 estimate requests. That’s a lot of leads….. especially when 25% of them are finding the website through organic content!

You can also see that this website was averaging over 5 estimate requests per day with one day in July 2020 receiving 10 requests for an estimate.

How would 2,000 leads next year change your business?

Over 50% of leads chose Google as “how they found us?”

Now check out this next screen shot of the most common answer when leads are asked “How they heard about us?” That really tall bar sticking out way above all of the other ones?

That’s the “Found on Google” option…

Over 50% selected Google as “How you found us?”

As you can see, it is very possible to consistently generate high-quality masonry repair and restoration leads without paid advertising. Thanks for reading!

Are you a masonry company or contractor?

If you’re a masonry company or contractor and interested in growing your digital presence by doing what you do best, masonry, then we should talk. We only work with 1 local masonry company or contractor city or municipality, so reach out soon.

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